Reliable Ways to Initiate Parental Control on Smart Home Devices

Today almost every home has an internet-enabled device that people use to access online services such as games, music, virtual classes among other things, parents have extended the use of these smart devices to their kids to attended online classes, watch their favorite programs, play online games among other healthy uses, however, sometimes children can be curious and start accessing age-inappropriate online content, suffer from online bullying silently or become a target to online children predators. Controlling and managing what your children can view online is imperative to prevent scenarios where your child is accessing unhealthy online content or is bullied online. Luckily most modern internet-enabled devices permit parents to control what their children can access online while others even give parents a chance to remotely monitor their children online activities. There are several strategies you can use to manage your child’s online activities, this article outlines the most used parental control methods so continue reading.

It is possible t use software that filters or blocks what is considered inappropriate for your child age, the software blocks music, games, websites, and ads that are observed unhealthy for children, the operating system is the main software side that enables parents to manage what children can access online, popular operating systems have parental control setting that demand a child request parental permission to access websites that are categorized inappropriate for a particular age, this ensures your child is only accessing what you allow and any attempt to divert from outlined sites parental permission is requested.

It is possible to initiate parental control using browsers, you can create an account that manages websites your child can access as you indicated during account creation, it is worth noting that this form of parental control will only work when the child is log in to the account meaning they can access inappropriate online material using different devices or when not signed in to the account.

It is possible to use search engines to manage what your child can access online, most major browsers have safe search settings that allow parents to filter websites children can access, it is good to state that popular video and gaming streaming apps and websites have designated categories for children, parents can use these settings to filter music or games children can play, the sites selected are mainly what parents feel is age-appropriate for their children and feel comfortable about them. Those are some ways you can control what your child can view online.

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