Tubemate YouTube downloader is one of the most popular apps around the globe from which you can download videos directly from YouTube into your mobile phone, the developers of this amazing app are Devian Studio. Tubemate 3 is the third official latest version of Tubemate 2019 which is one of the best apps when it comes to downloading videos to your cell phone device

Tubemate YouTube video downloader is not only a YouTube downloader. Tubemate 2019 supports following video hosting’s YouTube, Dailymotion, Youku, Facebook, Vimeo, Google Video and few more. The supported resolutions in which you can download videos are, 4k, 1920*1080 (Full-HD), 1280*720(HD), 640*360, 320* 240

Looking for Best YouTube Video Downloader:

Best YouTube Video Downloader

YouTube is a giant when it comes to the video-based content site as millions and millions of people use it daily. While watching different videos on YouTube it is very normal to like any video and shares it. What if you need to download any video you like in your device? There may be any scenario in which you may need a video to be downloaded in your own device.

For this solution, one of the most used and best application is TubeMate. Yes, TubeMate is a lifesaver when it comes to downloading any content video from YouTube. Why it is so best and most in-demand application because you do not need to leave the application environment. In other online tools, you need to copy the URL and then paste it in other online tools and then convert it into mp3 or download the same video.

This is not the case with TubeMate as you only need to install the application on your device. After installing it just open it like a YouTube app and search for any video. In each video you see on YouTube you will see a download button. So, with this, you can download any YouTube video. Below we have discussed all the main point and information you need to know about the TubeMate.

Tubemate 3

When it comes to the most popular streaming media platform which is YouTube people also want their favorite videos to be saved in their smartphone YouTube is also giving that option to you can download them directly to your YouTube account which will be saved only for few days and will disappear if you don’t watch them In last few days. But we have a perfect solution for that Tubemate 3 apk is the king of downloading videos directly to your device easily and can select your desired resolution for videos and formats for audio download.

Tubemate 3 download is available on the internet on the official site and of few more sources like filehippo and Soft sonic. Tubemate 3 free download is available easily. Which has a very handy, intuitive and clean interface? If you want to download the video you have to simply search for the video and while it is playing you can see the down arrow button at the right down corner of the app once you click that arrow you can see the wide array of options available which varies from the quality of video or audio or the file extension you want to save.

Tubemate 3 apk is the third version of Tubemate and one of the best downloading app from different sources its package name is devian.tubemate.v3 and the latest version is 3.2.8

TubeMate for a PC

Tubemate is the best application for PC users who like to download videos as it can improve the experience of using a PC. The best part is there is no limitation for downloading, videos can be downloaded according to the user’s choice of video quality. For Pc, it requires a minimum operating system of Windows 10. It is designed exclusively for PC. This application is user-friendly while downloading PC users can have access to other websites easily.

You can easily operate and download videos directly in your pc from the Tubemate. The app is available for download if you search Tubemate for pc FileHippo or Tubemate for pc Softonic these are the best source among all. Or if you want to search for the specific windows type you can search Tubemate for pc windows 10 or whatever you want to as per your windows

Tubemate is the best application for PC users who like to download videos as it can improve the experience of using a PC. The best part is there is no limitation for downloading, videos can be downloaded according to the user’s choice of video quality. For Pc, it requires a minimum operating system of Windows 10. It is designed exclusively for PC. This application is user-friendly while downloading PC users can have access to other websites easily.

The thing that might take a bit of your time is that you have to download the android emulator on your pc if you want to use Tubemate on windows. The recommended android emulator is BlueStack which is pretty fast the app UI is almost the same as when using in your cell phone

Why is TubeMate not Working?

A lot of users have been complaining that Tubemate has not been working recently. This is due to an update by Youtube to hinder downloaders and converters from downloading content. As you might already know, there are hundreds upon hundreds of different downloaders that more or less do the same thing; They download videos from youtube and save them locally on your device. With this update, almost every downloader has experienced a massive drop in success rate while downloading such videos from youtube. Tubemate officially addresses this issue on their website by adding this on top of their homepage:

[Urgent] YouTube made a change which causes a parsing error. Please update to and

Tubemate not working in 2019 is due to this change by YouTube. And seemingly, Tubemate has already patched it in their latest updates.

So, if you are facing this issue while downloading videos on your mobile device, you can just update the Tubemate app and solve it. If you are running Android 4.0.3 or above on your mobile device, just update it to version If you are running Android 2.3.2 or above, you can update it to version accordingly.

One of the main reasons for Tube Mate not working on your device may be that you need to update the application, the old version does not work properly. Besides this, another possible reason is that downloading videos from YouTube using such applications like Tube mate is violating the rules and regulations of YouTube, because of this the Tube Mate has been put forward to be detected. You can watch them on YouTube but cannot download it to a file that you can carry around.

Tubemate 2019 app was released in 01.8.19 and it was available to download on devices, but some of the customers face an issue regarding when downloading the videos which were basically a copyright violation. Tubemate not working 2019 was facing the warning issue which was Downloading copyrighted content is not supported. You can search it from external music services in which Tubemate was not able to download the videos which had a copyright issue.

Tube Mate App Download

Tubemate app is not currently available on the app store or play store because Google and Apple do not allow any application on their store which can rip content. So, if you need Tubemate download to your device you have to go to the official site or you can download it from any other source, it can only be downloaded on the android device because Android only allows open-source applications If you allow from the settings.

TubeMate Latest Version

Downloading videos has become faster with the Tube Mates latest version. Now you are only a click away from downloading your favorite videos. In the latest version when you open the video you are been given two options to watch or to download, by clicking the green arrow located at the bottom you can download the video. The video is saved in Mp4 format in the default Video folder. The quality of the audio may vary depending on the original video quality itself. In short, it is the most convenient and user-friendly application to download videos.

When it comes to YouTube videos tubemate is one of the most famous and popular apps to download videos from YouTube. Tubemate YouTube downloader allows to download YouTube videos even in 4k result and also can download audio format in 4 to 5 different formats. The high quality is never compromised by Tubemate even if you download in your cell phone device and play it on a big screen you will never find any kind of delay in downloaded videos.

TubeMate for iPhone 

Plays online music for free. Tube mate downloader which is the most famous among Android is now also the part of the iPhone. Tubemate gives one of the best highlights. Users can easily download videos from sites like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Once the format and resolution are set the downloading process runs smoothly even if you are using any other iOS application. The requirement of Tubemate for iPhone is a minimum operating system of iOS 7.0, it is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and it is offered in-app purchases. For iOS users, Tube mate is one of the best applications.

TubeMate 2019

The latest version of Tubemate 2019 was released by Debian Studios at (01.08.19) which is the 3rd version of Tubemate app with the size of 7.81 MB for android version. Tubemate 2019 download latest version is 3.2.8. So, if you want any YouTube video in your cell phone download the latest version of Tubemate from the official site and enjoy the fun. Users have been enjoyed the user experience of TubeMate of android devices, the best thing is that you get the same user interface for the PC version of TubeMate. TubeMate 2019 for pc is available of Windows 10/8/7 you just need an emulator on your pc to set up TubeMate app on it because there is no dedicated version of TubeMate for pc.

Tubemate Pro Apk

If you want to download your favorite video within a few seconds, the Tube Mate Pro Apk is the best application. It is the latest version of Tube Mate apk. The total size of this app is 7.8 MB and minimum android version requires is an Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich MR1, API 15). Users can now download in MP4 and FLV formats, they can easily search their videos on Tube Mate directly rather than switching on apps.

People must be thinking about the pro version of Tubemate. Which is one of the most popular apps on the internet if it comes to video downloading. We were using the TubeMate pro apk 2018 and now the Debian Studios have released the latest version of Tubemate pro apk 2019.

The features of Tubemate pro apk are that you can stream videos and download them without having irrelevant forcing ads the Tubemate Pro is an ad-free version of this app you can download up to 4k resolutions of videos according to the device capacity in pro app of Tubemate it also contains few more audio and video formats like Flv, aac, etc. And the best part of this pro app is that if you are downloading videos and the internet is gone you don’t have to worry about because once the internet is connected again on your device the download will resume.