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Youtube has become one of the largest Information Technology available, that is to say, that Youtube has become the go-to form of mass communication, with the highest viewership. All of us have come to integrate using it in our daily lives, searching for how-to’s or perhaps, a music video from your favorite artist/band. That’s not all, we don’t just use it; we have come to rely on it to alleviate us from our boredom. We constantly use it to procrastinate and for a lot of us, it has become our guilty pleasure.

In today’s world, it’s almost never enough to watch a single video and stop at that. We want to keep watching more and more, but that’s not always possible. Most of the time in today’s world, we are running from one place to another. None of us have time to stay in one place and just procrastinate, but on the other hand, all the time, some of us have, to enjoy their guilty pleasures is in transit; while using public transportation, carpooling or just being on the passenger seat.

So, if you’re one of these people, you would have to pay a hefty amount for data so you can ensure connectivity and keep watching your favorite videos. That is just not feasible in the long run. To tackle this problem, Youtube added a download feature and while that makes everything much easier, it is heavily limited as videos uploaded before the introduction of this feature are not supported. To make matters worse, most videos uploaded after the fact have been limited by the uploader.

Instead of the repeated frustration of trying to download videos and not being able to, and then looking for an alternative downloadable video, I recommend just using a third-party application like Tubemate to download any youtube video in any format you want. Whether you want to download an HD How-to’s video for future reference or perhaps, you want that new song you just heard from your favorite band in mp3 so you can jam to it on the bus.

The latest version, as of the moment this article is written on, is version Tubemate suggests that you update to the latest version to ensure a better user experience. You can find multiple download links and mirrors on Tubemate official site

Tubemate download 2019 version apk requires you to have at least Android 4.0.3 installed on your phone.

Tubemate download

If your phone is incompatible with the latest version, you can download Tubemate download 2018 version apk which is version 3.1.13 from apk pure but it also requires you to have at least Android 4.0.3 installed. Tubemate download 2018 apk is the only official release for Tubemate download 2018 for android.

Tubemate download 2018 is not directly supported on pc but you can install it by working around the problem. Tubemate download 2018 for pc can be installed on your pc after installing blue stacks emulator and installing Tubemate apk in that.Â

If your phone is outdated, and you cannot install Tubemate version 3, we recommend installing Tubemate Download 2017. Depending on the version of android installed on your phone, you can choose from multiple versions of Tubemate. If your phone runs Android 2.3.2 or above, you can install Tubemate version 2.4.3 from apk pure. This version offers a screen DPI range of 120-640dpi. If your phone runs Android 2.1 or above, you can install Tubemate version 2.3.8 from apk pure

[TubeMate – The fastest and most famous YouTube downloader]

TubeMate allows you to download YouTube videos so you can watch them offline!

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* Fast download mode(with multiple connections for a download)

* Multiple download resolution options

* Background, multi-download

* Resume downloading

* Convert to MP3 (powered by MP3 Media Converter)

* YouTube search and related videos suggestions

TubeMate YouTube Downloader enables you to quickly access, search, share and download YouTube videos.

Because downloading always happens in the background, you can go on watching YouTube, surfing the Internet, tweeting, and listening to your music as you download.

In my opinion, one of the best features of Tubemate would be the ability to download every file in the format of your choosing. So, the next time you listen to an awesome song and want to jam on it somewhere you probably won’t have access to Wifi, for example on the bus or in the park, you can just use Tubemate to download mp4 or even mp3 to conserve storage on your device, and just download the audio and be on your merry way. Tubemate converts the file automatically before downloading so you get just what you need, none of the clutter of downloading a video file and then converting it using other software all the while, making copies of the same file over and over again. This can be quite the hassle but not anymore, with Tubemate.