TubeMate Pro APK 

People who love watching gadget reviews, hands-on, unboxing and device drop tests spends most of their time watching videos on YouTube but they have to rely on the speed of the internet as 4K videos have become normal, videos on YouTube takes the time of buffer but enthusiasts don’t want to wait. So, what can they do? They can either wait for the video to download or they can download video downloader TubeMate for PC Windows 10. What TubeMate does is that it lets you download your favorite videos not only from YouTube but also from Vimeo and other video services in all formats including 720P and 1080 full HD.

Well, enough with the introduction, let’s talk about how safe it is to download videos from TubeMate and where we can get it and how much does it cost. According to my experience, it is totally safe to download videos from TubeMate and all the credit goes to Debian studios who developed this great app and just for the love of the community, it is totally free to download TubeMate.

TubeMate Pro APKTubeMate Pro APK 

TubeMate is freeware that lets you watch videos from YouTube and downloading in SD and HD formats but there are some things that set apart TubeMate from any other app. First of all, it is “free”, and like it or not without a doubt, everyone loves free stuff, I mean who doesn’t?  Developed by Debian studios, with TubeMate lets you download videos in multiple resolutions and rest assured, your videos will be downloading in the background while you surf the internet on your Android device. What are the other things that make TubeMate stand out from other apps and here are some things?

  • Fast download mode
  • Multiple resolution options
  • Background downloading option
  • Resume downloading the (best option)
  • Converts video MP3
  • You can share videos
  • Embedded YouTube search
  • Save videos from YouTube and lets you create a playlist
  • Free to download
  • Supports Android from 4.2.1 & later

Now let’s talk about from where you can download TubeMate, you can find it anywhere online but please stay away from rip-offs and look-alike apps which created only for the purpose to attack the devices of the users. You can download the original software from Softonic and Filehippo, just go to your browser, open Google search, and search for TubeMate for PC Filehippoor TubeMate for PC Softonic. You might be able to find the original software from other websites or sources too but these websites are legit and trustworthy and you should have no problem or fear downloading from these sites.

Available resolutions

1920×1080 (Full-HD)

1280×720    (HD): high-end devices)

640×360:    (General devices)

320×240:    (Low-end devices)

640×360:    (854×480(FLV): Android 2.1 and over)

You can download TubeMate Pro APK 2019 for latest Android versions or devices but if you have an old device or Android versions you can simply download TubeMate Pro APK 2018version. There isn’t much difference between the 2019 and 2018 versions but just a few updates and bug fixes such as users noticed they couldn’t download specific videos from YouTube which was fixed in the 2019 version of TubeMate.