Youtube Video Downloader

While YouTube has updated their systems and pushed out an update for users to save videos offline, many users still prefer to download videos. It is fair to say that downloading videos is quite easy using 3GP YouTube video downloader, unlike the old days when downloading videos off of YouTube was difficult. If you’re one of those people who prefer to download videos instead of saving it offline, here are some tips to download those videos with ease.

Best YouTube Video Downloader

Best YouTube Video Downloader

If you are looking for the best YouTube video downloader then TubeMate would be on top of the list no matter what. Why it is on the top because it can be downloaded and install on any device. Furthermore, you can have all the options within one application from video format to video size. Even you can convert the YouTube video into any mp3 format you would like to have.

Not sure whether to use a browser extension or a direct downloader? Well, it mostly depends on the user, but I would recommend you to use an extension because it is easier but there’s a catch as there are many nulled versions of extensions that are used for phishing.

You may have used some online tools which are also available to download any YouTube video. But first, you need to copy the video URL and then paste it into any online tool you would like to use. After that, it will convert the video to any video format or mp3 you would like to have.

Why TubeMate is The Best YouTube Video Downloader

In the TubeMate scenario, it is totally different and very easy. You do not need to copy the link instead it is an awesome app with very simple to use interface. All you need to do is to search the video you want to download and that it. Press the download button which will be an arrow button. Choose the correct video size and format you want to download and this is it. You can do all such things under one app as you do not need to copy or paste it any online tool.

You might also consider downloading YouTube video download for Android as downloading videos using Android apps is not a hassle as you can find many open source apps online. Keeping in mind that there many nulled versions of the extensions the question really is that where you can find YouTube video downloader free download full version?

Well, my first option would be TubeMate as you can download TubeMate for both Android & PC but visit their official website as there are many other mirrors those can be used to get into your devices for phishing. Doesn’t matter if you’re using a PC or an Android device just head towards Google and search for YouTube video downloader free download and you will find many options but if you download any, always read the reviews first as due diligence is always good.

Why do I recommend TubeMate as it can download videos from YouTube in every resolution including 720P and 1080P full HD, but then again it all depends on the preference of the user to download the video at which resolution? Some users prefer to download videos at 480P as it consumes fewer internet data and if you’re one of those users who prefer 480P videos, you can search for YouTube video downloader 480Pand you will get some decent amount of extensions and software’s which download videos only in 480 resolution.